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Hi friends!


My name is Marlow and I am the owner and creator behind Sun & Clay Jewellery. I'm a school teacher by day, jewellery maker and artist by night. I have always had a huge passion for all things art. My undergraduate degree before attending teachers college is a B.A. in Studio Art. As you can imagine, design and colour theory are my vibe, which is why polymer clay is so enjoyable to me!

Sun & Clay started unintentionally as me wanting a new medium to explore other than my usual go-to, acrylic paints. I was scrolling through social media when I came across another artist who works with polymer clay and I was immediately drawn to it! I love how rich the colours look when you blend them together and how forgiving the clay is to work with.


I am so happy you are here to go on this new adventure with me. My hope for Sun & Clay is that these beautiful, lightweight, handmade earrings will give you that extra pep in your step and add confidence to any outfit. You deserve to shine like the sun!